Epic- Books for Kids

Have you ever wanted to grow your classroom library? What teacher answers no to that question! But usually the yes is followed with a how? Epic! is the answer. It is a website and app that gives students a library at their finger tips that is full of incredible books. Books that range from fiction to non-fiction, easy readers to chapter book, and even books that can be read to our youngest readers. But it gets better than all of that, it is free to teachers!! YAY!!

So lets get started with how to get set up. First head on over to Epic’s website and setup an account. Once you have done that now comes the the fun part of getting to look at books and let those creative teaching juices get flowing! There are several ways to use the site/app with your students. First they got to website/app, depending on the devices your students are using. They login in using a class code that is specific to your class class. Once they are in you have two main routes for them to use it. One is that they do their own search and look up books or read a book off the main dashboard. The other way is that the the teacher can assign books to the students to read.

Check out this video to take a look and how it could be used.

Now it is your turn to go give it a try!


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